Why Does Concrete Sink?

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Concrete is heavy. It may not be surprising that it can experience settling or sinking over time. Generally speaking, when the soil beneath a piece of cement is not stable enough to support the weight of the slab, the result is sinking concrete. This condition can affect the entire slab or just a portion. For example, if part of the concrete slab is adequately supported by the soil underneath and other sections are not, the unsupported pieces may crack and fall away from the other sections, resulting in uneven and unsightly cracked concrete.

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Soil Shrinkage, Compaction, and Settling

Different types of soil have different load-bearing capacities. When a soil’s load-bearing capacity is exceeded, the soil will compact and settle.

It’s also possible for the soil beneath a slab to settle and compact because of the nature of its composition. For example, soil that contains large amounts of clay and/or silt will shrink substantially as it dries out.

As the soil compacts underneath a concrete slab, this can cause sinking concrete. Usually, the damaged concrete slab cracks in one or more spots.

Soil Washout

Because soil is susceptible to the effects of washout, the land that is underneath your driveway, patio, or concrete steps may not necessarily remain there to provide adequate support for the concrete slab.

As water moves underneath your concrete surfaces, it can wash away the soil that’s supporting the weight of the slab. As this happens, it creates a void, or empty space, underneath. Over time, your concrete slab can begin to sink or cave in with nothing to support it,. ProLevel specializes in filling voids beneath concrete surfaces to lift concrete back to its original position.

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