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If you have uneven, settling, or sinking concrete slabs on your Louisiana property, you’re likely to begin researching concrete levelers. As a home or business owner, it can be challenging to know who’s who and which contractor is the right one for you. When you contact ProLevel to level your driveway, sidewalk, or patio, you’ll soon find out what sets us apart from the competition in the concrete lifting industry.


When you hire a professional contractor to complete work on your property, you owe it to yourself to enlist a company that carries all the types of insurance necessary to protect you and your home or business from any liability. ProLevel is fully insured for all the work we complete, and we’re happy to provide certificates of insurance for the following:

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
    If there’s ever an incident with one of our company vehicles on your property, we have insurance to cover it. You shouldn’t be worried about your auto insurance rates spiking if one of our vehicles damages your property or someone else’s property. Without your contractor’s commercial liability insurance, you could be hounded by the other party’s insurance coverage to reimburse them for damages.
  • General Liability Insurance
    If you or someone else on your property is injured as a result of our equipment or concrete lifting operations, we are insured to protect you from liability. For example, if a neighbor trips over one of our hoses and breaks his or her arm, our insurance will address medical bills and our liability. In the absence of a contractors liability insurance, you could be out thousands of dollars to compensate the injured party.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    If one of our employees is injured on your property during the course of our concrete leveling services, our insurance will address this to protect you. If your contractor doesn’t carry workers compensation and an employee is injured while on your property, you could be presented with a lawsuit by the injured worker.

If your contractor cannot provide certificates of insurance for these types of coverage, beware. Simply put, if your contractor is not insured and damages someone else’s property or injures someone while working on your property, you could be stuck footing the bill for treatment and repairs.


When looking for a reputable concrete raising contractor, many people turn to home service websites and online directories such as Angie’s List™, HomeAdvisor™, Yelp™, and others for recommendations. While these sites may provide expansive options for contractors, they may not always be well-researched. Some directories do not verify if a contractor is fully insured or not and may rely on the contractor’s slogans and promises. Bottom line: you should never trust recommendations from external sources without first researching the contractors yourself.



Louisiana soils are very unique, and equally unique materials are required to ensure that your concrete leveling job is completed properly to withstand the test of time. Local competitors may use sub-par, generic expanding foams that are designed for any market. We use an innovative two-part polyurethane foam that’s manufactured in the South. It is specifically designed to work with and complement our complex Louisiana soils. This results in a superior finished product, more accurate estimates, and lower re-pump rates. Other companies simply can’t compare.

In addition to being fully insured and using high-quality, locally sourced materials, we provide an industry-leading two-year warranty on our work. To learn more about what sets us apart from the competition, or to schedule your free consultation and concrete lifting estimate, call us at 225-933-1661 today or fill out the form below!

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