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Is your sidewalk, driveway, patio, or another cement surface cracked or uneven? Not only can fractured, sinking concrete affect the beauty of your property, it can also pose a safety hazard to guests and passersby. Thankfully, ProLevel is here to help Louisiana area property owners who are struggling with this frustrating issue! We offer highly effective and affordable void fill solutions that will restore your concrete to its former glory.

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Before a void fill solution can be devised, it is important to determine what has caused the hollow space beneath the concrete surface. These empty spaces can develop for many reasons, including soil consolidation, erosion, and freeze and thaw cycles. Proper soil composition and compaction are critical to providing a stable foundation for concrete surfaces, and many homeowners are surprised to learn that as much as 20 percent of one square foot of soil is actually empty space. As you might expect, the more empty space there is in soil, the more unstable it will be.

When water is added to the soil, the problem is made worse. In cases of seasonal runoff, high water tables, and excessive precipitation, the soil can become saturated, carrying away fine particles of dirt and rock as the ground dries out. This results in compacted, consolidated soil that increases the surrounding void space, leading to the settling of the concrete above. In areas that experience rapid freeze and thaw cycles, the water in the soil expands when it freezes, often times leaving an expansive void upon thawing. A reputable void filling company, like ProLevel, will have the experience needed to determine the cause of the empty space beneath your concrete in order to provide the most effective solution.


Because they are hidden beneath the concrete surface, it is nearly impossible to tell whether or not you have a void under your concrete by visual inspection alone. Because of this, property owners often describe the symptoms of a concrete void to our technicians. These symptoms include:

  • Hollow sounds. Do you notice a hollow sound from beneath the surface of the slab with activities such as walking, driving, bouncing balls, or skateboarding? If so, this may be a clear indication that there is insufficient soil beneath the surface.
  • Cracking slabs. If your concrete surfaces have experienced cracking and/or sinking over time, the soil beneath may have become unstable. This is one of the most common visual clues of potential subsurface voids.
  • Deterioration of joints. Expansion joints and control joints are installed in concrete to prevent slabs from shifting and moving against one another during freeze and thaw cycles and natural settling. If these are deteriorating or commonly have water draining through them, there may be a void beneath the slab to blame.

If allowed to remain, hollow spaces beneath your cement surfaces can contribute to a vicious cycle of improper drainage and settling. Unresolved hollows will result in increasing cracks in the slab. These cracks will allow water to penetrate the soil beneath the concrete, exacerbating the washout and settling cycle. To prevent costly damage to your property, it is important to take action to fill the voids as soon as possible.

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If you have noticed any of these tell-tale signs of concrete voids, contacting a reputable void filling company now will likely save you money in the long run. ProLevel has helped homeowners in Louisiana just like yourself restore and preserve their cement surfaces by filling the voids with a high-density polyurethane foam that is eco-friendly and specially designed with Texas soil in mind. Contacting our team for concrete leveling services can help reduce settling, eliminate slab fractures, and extend the life of your concrete.

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