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Are you a Louisiana resident who’s tired of looking out your front windows and seeing a sidewalk that is uneven, tilted, or sinking? You spend a lot of time and energy to make sure your home and property are beautiful, and it can be frustrating when the front walk takes away from that. Thankfully, ProLevel is here to help lift your sidewalks and other concrete surfaces, restoring them their former glory! Contact a member of our team today to schedule your consultation for sidewalk repair at 225-933-1661!


There are a variety of reasons why your sidewalk may sink or settle over time. It’s possible that the load-bearing capacity of the soil under the slab has been exceeded at some point, causing it to settle and compact. It’s also possible that subsurface groundwater has caused the earth beneath your sidewalk to wash out. Whether because of settling, compaction, or washout, your sidewalks will become uneven and sink without adequate support from below. Once the sidewalk is uneven and the expansion joints are damaged, improper drainage can become an issue, causing even more damage to your walkway.


For some people, appearance alone is enough to prompt a call to a local concrete leveling company. However, aside from being an unsightly eyesore, uneven sidewalks can present a safety issue on your property. Imagine what might happen if a friend, neighbor, or other passerby were to trip or stumble on your uneven sidewalk? He or she could become injured and may bring legal action against you as the property owner in order to recoup the unexpected medical expenses. Likewise, having a permanent element of your property, such as a sidewalk, that is in disrepair can negatively impact your property value. Having your sidewalk repaired can help keep your guests safe and your property values high!


You should know that you don’t have to continue looking at a sidewalk that’s uneven. Nor do you have to continue to expose yourself to potential lawsuits because of ill-maintained property. If you’re ready to make your Louisiana sidewalk beautiful and safe, contact ProLevel today! We’ll gladly provide a free estimate for our innovative polyjacking services and back it all up with an industry-leading two-year warranty. It doesn’t get any better than that!
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