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If you have sidewalks, patios, pool decks, or other sinking concrete surfaces, you may initially think your cement contractor is to blame for the eyesore. While poor workmanship and materials can certainly cause uneven concrete surfaces, shallow water tables and poor soil conditions can also wreak havoc on cement, causing sinking slabs. If you’re in Louisiana and dealing with uneven or unsightly concrete surfaces, contact ProLevel! Our cutting-edge materials and quality concrete leveling make us the local leader in the concrete lifting industry. Check out our gallery of completed jobs. We would love to help you restore safety and beauty to your property by raising your concrete surfaces that have sunk and settled over time!



Traditional mudjacking practices revolve around a mortar-based compound. While it typically accomplishes the job, it is not a long-lasting solution or as efficient as the expanding polyurethane foam our technicians use. Other competitors may use mud for concrete lifting, but it doesn’t measure up to the quality expanding foam product ProLevel uses. Using the right expanding foam in concrete leveling operations is advantageous for many reasons.

  • The Best Foam.  The polyurethane foam ProLevel uses is manufactured in the south for us and designed with the unique qualities of Louisiana soil in mind.
  • Efficient. Once injected beneath the sinking slab, the foam used in our sunken concrete repair reaches 90 percent rigidity within 30 minutes.
  • Lightweight and Strong. When compared to traditional concrete slurry compounds our expanding polyurethane foam can uphold significant loads without adding unnecessary weight to already unstable soil conditions.
  • Minimally Invasive expanding foam filler is waterproof whereas traditional fillers are not. This prevents future erosion and the need to re-lift your concrete.
  • Reliable. The polyurethane foam used by our experts has resulted in lower redo rates (less than one percent).
  • Eco-Friendly. When polyurethane foam is used in place of demolition methods, less waste is generated and you save lots of money on repairs.

These are just a few reasons why the expanding polyurethane foam used in our concrete raising services is superior to traditional methods and other competitor’s products. If you live in Louisiana and need reliable, professional concrete lifting solutions, contact us today at 225-933-1661!

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