Concrete Lifting Examples

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Why More Homeowners Choose Concrete Lifting

If your driveway, sidewalk, or patio has uneven surfaces due to sinking concrete, you’ll be happy to know there is an easy solution for raising concrete slabs!

Sinking concrete doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! ProLevel offers concrete lifting services that raise concrete slabs to a level position with less weight and destruction. Check out the examples below which show the difference we can make for homeowners in Southern Louisiana and other nearby cities. Call today for a no-cost estimate!

Not only is it an eyesore, but sinking concrete can create a serious tripping hazard. In the images below, you can see that tripping hazards can be eliminated by leveling the concrete slab at the foot of the front door to this home.

The drainage path on a concrete patio is important. Once concrete sinks, it can allow water to go where it shouldn’t, resulting in drainage problems. In this example, concrete lifting solved this home’s drainage problems where the patio meets the house.

In this example, parking the car in the driveway was like climbing Mt. Everest! Lifting the sinking concrete driveway apron made parking in the garage less of an ordeal.

A sunken patio can be a safety issue and diminish the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. This example shows a patio that was lifted back to its original position so that it is no longer dangerous and unsightly.

No one wants an uneven pool deck, especially when it poses a threat to people’s safety. The sinking concrete around this pool was leveled and stabilized back to a safe, even condition.

Not sure who to call for concrete lifting services or repair for your Louisiana property? ProLevel is your leading local concrete repair contractor and we provide quality solutions for raising and leveling concrete. We restore uneven concrete with our fast-curing and effective injection foam.

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