Commercial Slab Concrete Repair

Louisiana’s Trusted Concrete Leveling Company

As a commercial property owner, you likely want your property to be beautiful, accessible, and safe for the public. There are many things that can take away from these qualities, including uneven or sinking concrete. Not only are concrete issues an eyesore, but they can also create an unnecessary liability exposure for you and your business. Luckily, there are solutions out there to mitigate this exposure and restore beauty and accessibility to your property. ProLevel is a local leader in commercial and residential slab concrete repair, and we would love to help your home and business. Some examples of sunken concrete repair opportunities may include

  • Lifting sunken entryways and driveways.
  • Leveling uneven or slanted sidewalks.
  • Raising and leveling sinking patios or break areas.
  • Restoring curbing back to original height and angle.

Once sunken concrete repair is performed on your property, the likelihood for trips, falls, and other safety issues declines drastically. Not only does slab concrete repair restore beauty and safety to your commercial property, it can also mitigate water damage to your building. Water damage to your business can be expensive and cause unnecessary downtime to your operations. Water will find the lowest point on a property to enter a building and when your concrete slabs are uneven, this can prevent proper drainage away from your premises.



We are proud to be a leading and trusted name for concrete leveling services in Louisiana. But what sets us apart from the other companies?

Aside from our prompt service, quality workmanship, and our friendly and professional staff, we integrate modern technology and knowledge into our services. Traditional concrete repair products are typically combined with a mortar-based compound and can result in a heavy repair solution that will need to be redone over and over again. Our process includes the use of a unique expanding polyurethane foam that has many advantages over both traditional Mud jacking and similar products. We can save you time, money, and the high risk of future repair expenses.

If you have concerns about uneven, sinking, or settling concrete on your commercial or residential property, contact ProLevel today! We’re happy to speak with you further about the dangers, remedies, and prevention of sunken concrete. We’ve helped many property owners like yourself, and we would be happy to help you too!

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