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Apartment Complex Trip Hazard Elimination in Baton Rouge, La.

We recently did some concrete jacking work for a major apartment complex in Baton Rouge, eliminating all the trip hazards on their sidewalks.

Sinking Front Porch Fixed in Covington, La.

This customer had a broken water sprinkler line under the porch. Every time the sprinklers came on, it washed the supporting soil out and the porch began to sink. Our concrete lifters achieved excellent results!

Concrete Raised Over Tree Root in Slidell, La.
Corrected Bird Bath Water Drain in New Orleans, La.

The club house had a problem with water standing next to the curb that would not drain because of a high void under it. The void had to be filled and then concrete raising performed on the street and curb. The concrete was lifted four inches to get the water to drain properly.

Tree roots can lift concrete and cause tripping hazards. For this particular sidewalk, our concrete lifters made a bridge over the tree root in order to lift the concrete without damaging the root.

Driveway Raised in Lafayette, La.

This customer’s driveway had sunken throughout the years. They were preparing to sell the home and wanted all trip hazards eliminated.

Sidewalk Concrete Lifting Mandeville, La.

This lifted concrete was a safety issue for anyone walking on it. With our expert concrete raising, it is no longer a tripping hazard.

Sidewalk Leveling Metairie, La.

The uneven sidewalk pictured here presented a drainage issue and tripping hazard. Concrete jacking restored the sidewalk to a level condition.

Driveway Leveling & Expansion Joints Hammond, La.

ProLevel performs driveway and expansion joint repairs for sunken concrete slabs. The difference between the before and after shot here is staggering.

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